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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail


Have you ever had one of those weeks, where at the end of the week you are exhausted, but wonder what did you really accomplish. You end the week knowing next week will likely be more of the same. You also know that you want to spend more time on doing things that would grow and impact your business positively. BUT, you are just to busy working IN the business every day to have time to work On the business. Ah the proverbial BUT.

In the military, I learnt the importance of having a plan before a mission, which in the high majority of cases lead to a successful outcome.

Here I am not talking about spending a great amount of time planning, rehearsing and then executing the plan. My tip for the week is how to use a simple planning technique to move the ball forward each week.

So here is the simple tip. On Friday before you go home or Sunday before you go to work on Monday, write down one or two things you want to ACHIEVE during the week that will grow, improve or move your business or career forward. Do not write down all the minutia crap tasks you think you want to do during the week, simply write down one or two things you want to ACHIEVE by the end of the week.

If you have a big project you are working on, break it down into bite size Achievement Objectives. For example you purchased new operating software and you need to put in pricing, inventory etc. to set it up. Break this implementation process into smaller chunks. Perhaps by the end of the week you want to achieve having 1 major line and 2 smaller lines priced in the software and next week you will do the same.

After you write down what you want to ACHIEVE this week, STOP and take a moment to really think about how it is going to happen, visualize it happening if you can. Just like an Olympic Athlete will visualize their jump, or run or dive etc. This sets the RAS part of your brain (Reticular Activating System…Google it…it’s real), and that provides you a better chance of achieving what you want to achieve.

The next step is let your entire team know what you are going to ACHIEVE in this next week. That way they can take some of the load off you, or assist you in accomplishing your goal for the week.

One last point. Make this a RICHual in your business life. Do your ACHIEVE list at the same day and time each week. For example, if you have some alone time on Sunday morning spend the 10 or 15 minutes creating and thinking about your ACHIEVE List.

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