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Executive Coaching

"Success isn't easy, bit it's simple."
Running a business isn't easy, but it is simple with the right knowledge.

Executive Coaching

Coaching Makes a Difference

Olympic athletes know the secret…Coaching is for Champions! Have you ever met or heard of an Olympic athlete that didn’t have a coach? Of course not because there is no such thing!

Successful business owners, CEO’s and managers understand the value of coaching to drive them and their organizations to their real potential. Coaching makes a difference!

The Right Tools

Just like an Olympic Athlete you may know what you need to be doing, but given your personality and the nature of the present business climate you may need clarity on the HOW, and then brainstorm the best action plan to get the results you want. I offer this free hour because I know some of you will want my service.

Some of you will see that value in us working together. Coaching makes a difference! With that being said, understand I am not offering a sales pitch in disguise. I realize that what I do is not for everyone, and I have a limit to how many champions I can work with at one time. I promise not to pester or pressure you in any way at all.

If after our meeting, if you feel like I have wasted your time, I will give you a $50.00 gift card to Tim Horton or Starbucks. If we both see value in working together I will be asking you to do one of two things. Take the next step to move forward or if you are ready as many are, we will just get started.

Now one last thing: like anyone wanting to be an Olympic Athlete, know that I am not able to coach just anyone. I can only work with people who are open to change and want to take their business or careers to the next level. Those who are willing to make an investment in their future. Whether that is to have better tools to expand your business or career, get involved in new businesses, and maybe you just want more time to spend on things you have been neglecting.

We Want to Work With You.

Let me gift you with one hour of free time to begin to understand your blind spots, business strengths and opportunities (we all have them) and I will share some solutions with you. I am happy to sit down with you and design a coaching/training program for you to identify hidden potentials that you may not be aware of.

After 7 years of coaching businesses and executives the results for my clients includes; less wasted time, better operational effectiveness, less stress, more free time and the increase in revenue and profits.

No matter what the goal we can achieve results. I am proud to be a Certified Business & Executive Coach and hold ICF Certification. I'll work with you to become a Business or Leader Olympian winner, by focusing on the right things for your business or career rather than the day to day things.

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