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When you started out in your business, like all business owners you wanted to succeed so you worked around the clock to build your business. You were busy and had work coming in… but the problem is you feel like you are on a “Hamster Wheel”. You may feel you are struggling with doing the same thing day-in and day-out and even though you work longer hours (running faster on the hamster wheel) you never seem to get ahead and that’s frustrating!

I can empathize with you, In the first business I owned, I got caught up in the daily business whirlwind as well. The crazy thing is I knew the way I was thinking and what I was doing, was wrong, but I still got caught up in the daily whirlwind of the business. I had gone to University and taken business, I had lead people in the military, I had worked for a corporation and worked with our external associates on building their business, but when the time came, and I ran my own business. SNAP! I got caught in the trap! Working a minimum of 12-hour days and even working on weekends.

After selling the business, I went to work back in the corporate world getting phenomenal results by putting what I had learnt previously into play. The difference is that I changed my thinking and activities. In a period of 3 years, I was able to grow revenues by 324% and profits by 416%.

In the chapter I wrote for the Amazon International best-selling book Journey to Success Volume 5, I talk about making a determined decision. Making a determined decision is the differentiator. Once you have made a true determined decision you stop just desiring, wishing, dreaming or hoping for things, you are in fact deciding you will have it.

Dreaming, wishing or hoping for something leaves open the possibility that it may not come true, and you are leaving the fruition of your dream or hope to external sources. It’s like going to the casino or playing the lottery and hoping to win big.

Decisions come from within and a determined decision comes from way deep inside you. When you make a determined decision, you are making a commitment to yourself, for yourself with an unbreakable internal resolve. Your determined decisions are made around what you really want for yourself. The best way I can describe it is, like being really, really frustrated with the present situation and then getting very stubborn about the result you want to achieve. Your overlying purpose is your end objective.

One important point here is you can not leave an option to retreat. There can be no other options other than achieving your vision. I was told a story once, and I am not sure if it is true or not but, I have never forgotten the lesson. The story is of George Washington during the American Revolution crossing a river and then burning the boats. In burning the boats there was no option of retreat for his forces, they had to succeed or die. Like I said I am not sure of the validity of that story but, it rings true to how I think. And being a person who was in the military, failure is not an option.

When you make a determined decision, you and you alone accept the responsibility for the outcome. You pass beyond blaming or making excuses as to why you are not achieving the result you are looking for. Once you have made that determined decision you work to create the situations and environment needed for success. To me building a business is like climbing Mt. Everest. Of course, the vision is to reach the summit. Well before you even get to Everest you have to learn and prepare and train. But it all starts with the determined decision to challenge the mountain and a determined decision to reach the summit. A true determined decision is 110% internal to you and you alone and a 110% commitment to doing what is necessary to accomplish your objectives.

Running a business and dreaming and hoping for something to happen is not going to make things change. Right NOW, you need to make a Determined Decision that you will do EVERY and ALL possible things to improve and grow your business. Commit fully to that growth and improvement and leave no possible options for retreat.

By making a determined decision you have taken the first and most important step in reaching your business summit.

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