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It’s simple, sometimes you just have to Reboot – Part 1

This is a two-part article, the first part will talk about you the person and the second your business or career.
Like a computer, there are times in your life, business or career it’s good to do a Reboot. You will know it’s time to reboot. Some of the signs you will experience are frustration, restlessness, anxiety anger, confusion and a host of other emotions.
The rebooting process has two phases. The first phase being you must reboot you first, before you can reboot your life, your business or career or in most cases a combination of your life and business or your life and career. Most people I have met often think it’s about rebooting their business or career first. Not so, you must work on you first, then and only then will you be able to reboot your business or career.
So how does one reboot themselves? Often people reboot when they have a tragedy or significant failure in their lives. There are many stories of people hitting the bottom and then emerging successfully from the experience. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to reboot.
To start your reboot, I suggest that you find some space that is quiet, reflective and serene that you can simply relax and think. Trying to reboot with the family around or in your office with all the interruptions will simply not work. You need to get out of the whirlwind of the day and create that time and space to think.
In the chapter I wrote for the #1 International Bestseller book Journey to Success 5, I talk about making a Determined Decision. Rebooting is you making a determined decision that you want a change, and you will do what it takes to create the environment you want your life to be lived in. In the chapter is my story and I show two models for creating success, which you can see in the book.
Tony Robins in his TED Talk, speaks about the word decision and why it is so powerful. Decision comes from the Latin words “De” and “Cidere” which means “to cut off”. When you make a Determined Decision, in essence you cut yourself off from all other possibilities.
You also must be passionate about wanting to change and more importantly passionate about where you want to be. You have to possess a passion for change and be very open to thinking and doing things differently. Holding on to old cluttered fragmented beliefs and doing things in the same way they are done now, will change nothing and you will simply grow more frustrated.
Stop telling yourself negative stories. Such as “cold calling doesn’t work”, “I need more sales collateral”, “I need more training” and one of my favorites “I am to busy” or another one “if only I could find good people”. These are some of the thousands of excuses, blame or negative stories we will tell ourselves to justify why things are the way they are. Change your mental attitude DNA from a negative attitude DNA to a positive Attitude DNA. Yes, I did write DNA. It’s up to you to create your own attitude DNA. Only you can write you mental attitude DNA, you create you!
Lastly, I will say this, I highly recommend you get some help from someone who can help you along your journey. Someone who can be impartial, that can work with you, brainstorm strategies, hold you accountable and not allow the stories that you will tell yourself that may derail you from achieving your vison and goals. Going it alone is tough and often you will take 3 steps forward and 2 back.
We reboot our computers when they stuck or start to run sluggishly, seem cluttered and fragmented. You should reboot yourself when you feel stuck.

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